Instant Noodles and You

Here’s a semi-recent infographic from Dr. Joseph Mercola.10509482_10153578113440590_2143182721136038176_n

Many assertions in this infographic. While not a chemist or a doctor, by comparing multiple sources online and brushing up on some old college chemistry, Each of his bullet points is examined below –
 1.The writer must have used one of those large bowls of instant ramen, typical package of Top Ramen has about 1800 mg sodium, not health food, but they also recommend 1/2 package as a serving. Who eats 1/2 package? no one.
2. TBHQ is an antioxidant and is extraorinarily safe at food additive levels. Estimates are you would have to eat 15-20 packages of soup to feel even mild effects of TBHQ, you’d probably feel worse effects from the sodium. Also TBHQ does not build up in the body, so you’d have to eat that amount in 1 sitting. ‘
3. Again, anything at a high enough dosage can be toxic, for the soups in question, something like 50 packages would have to be consumed. By the way, NONE of the contraindicators listed in the infographic have been observed in ANYONE EVER eating msg as a food additive.
4. The study is from Korea and compared all types of eating habits of 10000 people over 3 years. Here’s the kicker on this study “The study raises important questions, but can’t prove that instant noodles are to blame rather than the overall diets of people who eat lots of them”.
Are instant ramen noodles a staple of a healthy diet? In sparing use, perhaps. Do they deserve the scare tactics utilized in the infographic above, on the balance, not so much.
If anything has been learned over the past 30-40 years of nutritional research findings, never react to a single study, it takes time and repeated testing to draw firm conclusions.