What is The Explained News

News articles today, for the most part, suck. While you get the Who and the What and the When, rarely do more complex stories explain the full context of the story. If there’s a story about a conflict, what was the genesis of the conflict and why should people care, or not.

My goal, is to pick out 1 story a day (cut me a little slack as I have a day job that can be rather demanding), do a little digging and try to get to the heart of the story. As much as I possibly can, I’ll attempt to explain the backstory, sidestory, history, etc. with as little internal spin as I can possibly muster.

Keep me honest, if the explanations seem 1 sided, I’d rather know and adjust than continue to blather on blissfully unaware that I am not be impartial. This is not a conservative Blog. This is not a liberal Blog, This is not a pro-gun, anti-abortion, pro or anti anything blog, but an attempt to split that central narrative of the story in as neutral of a voice as possible.


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